Happy (belated) birthday to me

So, I am now 33 years old! Both the numbers in my age are the same for a year. Well, actually my birthday was on Monday, but it took me this long to actually have time to post a blog about it. I don't really pay much attention to ages, but I do try and … Continue reading Happy (belated) birthday to me

A Saturday in Tokyo

Last weekend (June 11th and 12th) I spent the weekend in Tokyo. It was originally supposed to be just the Sunday for an event I had a ticket for, but I made the decision to go a day earlier, try to get a ticket for another show I wanted to go to, and have time … Continue reading A Saturday in Tokyo

A trip to the BOYS AND MEN Cafe

After picking up my Yamabuki DVD from Animate this morning, me and Tina went to hang out at the BOYS AND MEN Cafe for a little while before work. They had announced a couple of days ago that they had finally made a new version of the coasters you get free with your drink, so … Continue reading A trip to the BOYS AND MEN Cafe