Lucky Se-… Josie

I should have posted this a while ago but I was too busy this week to finish writing it. I really want to write a post about the last show of Seigaku vs Hyotei and about 8th Generation's graduation, but I'll get to that after this is posted. On Saturday 24th and Sunday 24th September, … Continue reading Lucky Se-… Josie

Tenimyu Seigaku vs Hyotei

Let's get this out of the way to begin with. I must be honest and say that I went into this musical on the first day with completely the wrong attitude, which I feel a little bad about now. Even with all the understanding in the world for the reasons behind it, I was very … Continue reading Tenimyu Seigaku vs Hyotei

Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD Release Event [16/08/21]

On August 21st I attended the release event for the Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD in Osaka. It was a fun event, but one which I genuinely didn't think I would survive (see the high touch segment at the bottom of this report) but I did, and so I am here to bring you a report … Continue reading Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD Release Event [16/08/21]

Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

As much as I wanted to make this into a Top 5 like I did for the Yamabuki Team Live, I ended up with a list of six and they were all such amazing moments that I couldn't bear to narrow it down, so I decided to leave them all here. I also couldn't decide which of … Continue reading Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

How to write to your favourite actor

Recently there have been a lot of things floating around about the appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with idols and actors online. I interract with a lot of actors on social media, but I also write a lot of fan letters. Every time I see actors report that they have received a stack of … Continue reading How to write to your favourite actor