A look back at 2017


2017 comes to an end tomorrow, and as usual I looked back on everything I did this year to write a review of the year. In 2017, I saw lots of stages, had some amazing experiences with my oshi, and fell head over heels in love with a new group. When I looked back on everything I did, I realised that I did so many things and spent so much money, but I have absolutely no regrets. I really hope in 2018 that I can do just as many things and have just as many amazing experiences as I did this year.

If there was one thing I regret from this year is that there were some things I didn’t take many photos from, and many things I didn’t report back on. I hope in 2018 I can do more of this so I have more reports to link to when I make this kind of post at the end of the year.

I chose the above picture as the header image because of how much these boys influenced my year (even though they’re not all there in that picture), but that was definitely not all I did. Here is my 2017…

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Why Chikahisa Taisei is an amazing person


I have a favourite Gingadan member, and it is not, as the title of this post might suggest, Chikahisa Taisei. Even so, I love this kid with all of my heart, and because of this I really wanted to share with everyone what an amazing person he is, especially since I talked in detail about other Gingadan members previously.

Despite not being my favourite now (although what’s favourites when you love five people so much), when I first saw Gingadan on the day they debuted, it was Taisei who first caught my eye. He looked so gorgeous on stage and had this amazing smile, and had this coolness to him that was really intriguing to me. When I left the event, I posted a group picture they had taken at the event and tweeted, “I need to know who this kid on the bottom left is because he was really cool.”

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A month of Gingadan Release Events

Back in June this year, I spent most of the month travelling back and forth to Tokyo for the release events for Gingadan’s first singleĀ Galaxy Cluster. Despite being tiring at times, and very expensive, it was one of the happiest months of the year for me. I got to meet the members I love many times, hear songs I really liked, and met so many great fans. So when I found out that I’d be able to do it all over again for their second singleĀ Galaxy Cluster 2 I couldn’t help but have a lot of positive expectations, if not a lot of time and money worries.

I wished I had documented the June release events properly away from Twitter, so I decided to make the effort this time and report on each event individually and compile them into one post. It took me a while to compile everything and be happy with it, but I’ve finally managed to put together what I think is a good reflection of my experience.

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Gingadan/DRESS_No. Release Event

On Saturday July 1st, I went to DRESS_No. and Gingadan’s joint release event at Tamaplaza Terrace in Kanagawa. It was my first time in a while seeing DRESS_No. (but definitely not first time in a while for Gingadan since I’d seen them almost every weekend for the past month).

I arrived at the stage area at the mall at around 10am when the mall opened. There were a few fans standing around but when the staff arrived they told us not to stand in front of the stage because they had to put up tents. They put two tents up with seating underneath, since it was due to rain that day. Some people really wanted the tent to be closer to the stage because there was quite a gap, but the staff were really good and wanted it that way because if the tent was too close to the stage, people wouldn’t be able to watch from the second floor. Luckily once the tents were up we were allowed to claim a seat, which is always important when you arrive early for these kinds of events because it means you can finally put down your stuff and leave and not have to hang around until the event starts. I used the opportunity to go and get food, and came back in time for the event.

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Shall We Dress vol. 2

This was the second of these lives that they have done, and was arranged by Dress_No, who also invited other acts to perform. One of the acts they invited this time was Gingadan, and it was that which finalised that I definitely wanted to go.

The space was a little bit of a mess (which I imagine is normal) and in the beginning I could not work out where the goods line was because they were being sold upstairs but the line started downstairs with no indication of what the line was (I thought it was the bathroom line until I saw people with their money). Unfortunately thanks to me being too relaxed and not rushing to get in line, Dress_No’s cheki tickets all sold out before I could get to the front of the line, meaning I was unable to get a picture with Kazuma. While I was disappointed, I did of course manage to pre-order my Gingadan CD which would get me a handshake with each of them and that definitely made up for it.

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