Sato Ryuji Photobook Event (16/07/02)

Today, July 2nd, I attended Sato Ryuji's photobook event in Nagoya's Kintetsu Passe Hoshino Bookstore. I had pre-ordered three photobooks, which allowed me a handshake, polaroid two-shot, and the special event photos. Let me start by saying that this has kind of been a whirlwind relationship because I'm pretty certain that two months ago I … Continue reading Sato Ryuji Photobook Event (16/07/02)

Touken Ranbu: The Musical LV (16/6/26)

After trying and failing to see the actual show three times, I finally managed to see this show in the form of a live viewing on March 26th. Unfortunately my two close cinemas had both sold out of tickets, so I had to go to one further out. I was wondering what the atmosphere would … Continue reading Touken Ranbu: The Musical LV (16/6/26)