Nakao Kenya First Fan Event (16/9/17)

On September 17th, I took an early bus into Tokyo to attend Nakao Kenya's First Fan Event. Looking at the venue details online before I left, the details stated that it had a "homely atmosphere" perfect for talk shows. It made me wonder what the place would be like, and there were three interesting things … Continue reading Nakao Kenya First Fan Event (16/9/17)

Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

As much as I wanted to make this into a Top 5 like I did for the Yamabuki Team Live, I ended up with a list of six and they were all such amazing moments that I couldn't bear to narrow it down, so I decided to leave them all here. I also couldn't decide which of … Continue reading Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

Freedom Event vol. 1 (16/06/12)

On Sunday June 12th, I attended 2 out of 3 shows of the Freedom Event (vol. 1) featuring Nakao Kenya, Kamimura Kaisei, Miyagi Koudai and Morita Touya. Originally I had only been planning on one show, but I managed to get last minute tickets for another too, so I ended up seeing it twice. I'm writing … Continue reading Freedom Event vol. 1 (16/06/12)