A look back at the first half of 2016

Wow, the year is halfway over already. I was looking back over my list of events from the past six months, and while in the past I've chosen to do a "review of my year" at the end of each year, I decided to change this to every six months, meaning I remember more of … Continue reading A look back at the first half of 2016

Sato Ryuji Photobook Event (16/07/02)

Today, July 2nd, I attended Sato Ryuji's photobook event in Nagoya's Kintetsu Passe Hoshino Bookstore. I had pre-ordered three photobooks, which allowed me a handshake, polaroid two-shot, and the special event photos. Let me start by saying that this has kind of been a whirlwind relationship because I'm pretty certain that two months ago I … Continue reading Sato Ryuji Photobook Event (16/07/02)

Touken Ranbu: The Musical LV (16/6/26)

After trying and failing to see the actual show three times, I finally managed to see this show in the form of a live viewing on March 26th. Unfortunately my two close cinemas had both sold out of tickets, so I had to go to one further out. I was wondering what the atmosphere would … Continue reading Touken Ranbu: The Musical LV (16/6/26)

Freedom Event vol. 1 (16/06/12)

On Sunday June 12th, I attended 2 out of 3 shows of the Freedom Event (vol. 1) featuring Nakao Kenya, Kamimura Kaisei, Miyagi Koudai and Morita Touya. Originally I had only been planning on one show, but I managed to get last minute tickets for another too, so I ended up seeing it twice. I'm writing … Continue reading Freedom Event vol. 1 (16/06/12)

How to write to your favourite actor

Recently there have been a lot of things floating around about the appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with idols and actors online. I interract with a lot of actors on social media, but I also write a lot of fan letters. Every time I see actors report that they have received a stack of … Continue reading How to write to your favourite actor

A trip to the BOYS AND MEN Cafe

After picking up my Yamabuki DVD from Animate this morning, me and Tina went to hang out at the BOYS AND MEN Cafe for a little while before work. They had announced a couple of days ago that they had finally made a new version of the coasters you get free with your drink, so … Continue reading A trip to the BOYS AND MEN Cafe