Ensemble Stars on Stage

On January 28th, I was finally able to sit in the theatre and watch Ensemble Stars on Stage: Take your Marks. I was so excited for this stage. I was so invested in the cast, fell in love with every single one of them while keeping up with them from the beginning of rehearsals and even... Continue Reading →

Tenimyu Seigaku vs Hyotei

Let's get this out of the way to begin with. I must be honest and say that I went into this musical on the first day with completely the wrong attitude, which I feel a little bad about now. Even with all the understanding in the world for the reasons behind it, I was very... Continue Reading →

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (16/7/16)

The first thing I have to say is that when this play was first announced, I was really really surprised and excited, for two reasons: The first reason is that my degree at University was English Literature, and throughout that and having previously studied a lot during school, I really fell in love with Shakespeare's... Continue Reading →

Shunkin-sho (16/6/25)

On June 25th, I headed to Osaka to watch the stage play Shunkin-sho. Originally, I had decided not to go and see this. Having done my fair share of going to shows that weren't really for me for the sake of one actor, I didn't really feel like doing it again. And then the visuals... Continue Reading →

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