Top 10 Touken Danshi

This was actually really hard to put together. Even with 10 swords in mind, actually ranking them took me a long time. I imagine if I actually played the game, it would have taken me even longer, so I'm glad that I don't so at least I'm a little limited in who I can choose. … Continue reading Top 10 Touken Danshi

Top 5 Bancho Boys members

It's taken me a while to get to this stage because as I got to know more members, the list kept changing. But now I know every single member of Bancho Boys, I feel like I'm ready to rank my top five members. I made the decision to only include official Bancho Boys members in … Continue reading Top 5 Bancho Boys members

Top 5 Ensemble Stars stage actors

I'm finally managing to do this after it all went wrong the first time and I ended up making a post just dedicated to one. This time I actually managed to get to all five after a lot of sitting and apologising to the two that I also really love who didn't quite make the … Continue reading Top 5 Ensemble Stars stage actors

Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

As much as I wanted to make this into a Top 5 like I did for the Yamabuki Team Live, I ended up with a list of six and they were all such amazing moments that I couldn't bear to narrow it down, so I decided to leave them all here. I also couldn't decide which of … Continue reading Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments