Happy (belated) birthday to me

So, I am now 33 years old! Both the numbers in my age are the same for a year. Well, actually my birthday was on Monday, but it took me this long to actually have time to post a blog about it. I don’t really pay much attention to ages, but I do try and pay attention to my birthday, because I figure it only happens once a year. I was really happy to be wished happy birthday by so many people on Twitter and Facebook even when it had only been my birthday for a few seconds. I have such awesome friends.

I had decided to work on my birthday this year even though I usually take it off, because I had only two classes on my schedule, and both had good kids who I knew wouldn’t make me too stressed. I was right, too. The second class I taught now only has one student, and he’s one of the most enthusiastic, smart kids I’ve ever met. He’s in 6th grade doing a level that is generally meant for 8th graders, and does it far more easily than a lot of the 8th graders I’ve had doing the class. Although he complains that he’s tired a lot, he still always trys his best. I was perfectly happy to teach him on my birthday.

Going back to before work though… Since my classes didn’t start until 6.15, I decided to go and sit at the BoyMen cafe for a while so my birthday wouldn’t seem like a complete waste. I bought three drinks (two colas, since I’m addicted, and an onion gratin soup), and this was how it went:

Trust Tamura to appear on my birthday. I was pretty happy to get Masaru, although how I managed to get three out of five of the Yankee 5 members in one go I’m not sure. To this day I still don’t have Honda, though.

Also, I took some pictures of the new summer display in the BoyMen shop, where the BOYS AND MEN guys decorated caps, and the Kenkyusei decorated shoes.

I love that Setsura just decorated his shoe like a sneaker. And, I took a closeup of Rikuto’s because I was impressed by how much effort he put into drawing all of those scales.

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