A year with Gingadan

On February 25th 2017, I took a day trip to Tokyo to go to Bancho Boys 1st Live. I had spontaneously joined the fanclub and bought a ticket due to falling in love with Yasui Kazuma, but had decided it would be worth the trip since I was also familiar with Nozaki Yutaka and Akira... Continue Reading →

A Year with Yasui Kazuma

It's almost the end of 2017, and that means that one year ago, I was introduced to anĀ amazingĀ person named Yasui Kazuma. I actually set my anniversary a few weeks ago the first time I mentioned his name on Twitter, but me becoming his fan was a somewhat gradual process that took place from then until... Continue Reading →

How to buy stage tickets in Japan

I've had a lot of people ask me recently about how to buy tickets for stages in Japan, and so I decided rather than replying to everyone individually I would just make a post in the hope it could also help other people out. The details in this post apply to stage shows only. I'm... Continue Reading →

1 year Shotaversary

One year ago today, I watched the first show of Tenimyu's Seigaku vs Yamabuki in Tokyo Dome City Hall. I was particularly happy with this musical before even seeing it, knowing that so many of my favourites were in it. I had committed myself to at least six shows. The only thing I was missing... Continue Reading →

How to write to your favourite actor

Recently there have been a lot of things floating around about the appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with idols and actors online. I interract with a lot of actors on social media, but I also write a lot of fan letters. Every time I see actors report that they have received a stack of... Continue Reading →

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