Top 5 Ace Attorney characters

Out of all the rankings I’ve tried to do, this was by far the most difficult. I’ve played all the games except the 6th (and I haven’t completed the second Investigations game yet) and there are so many characters that appear every time, or just once or twice, many of which are amazing.

Please be warned, there are spoilers in this ranking, which is why I’ve listed the characters first. Please check to make sure you’re not going to be spoiled. I originally tried to do it without spoilers but I didn’t feel I could explain my reasons properly without them. Be especially careful of number 2, as it’s probably one of the biggest twists in the entire game and is also coming up in the anime soon too.

  1. Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies)
  2. Matt Engarde (Ace Attorney: Justice for All)
  3. Dick Gumshoe (Various)
  4. Klavier Gavin (Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice/Duel Destinies)
  5. Franzisca von Karma (Various)

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