10 things in fandom [16/06/15 – 16/06/22]

This week was an interesting one. I basically have a bunch of nice announcements except that most of them don’t have much information available yet, and then a few people failing at life. I feel like this is the way it should be every week. I had a lot of fun writing this blog this time.

Here is what we have this week:

  1. Touken Ranbu Stage cafe
  2. Shun made a mistake (again)
  3. New Yowamushi Pedal Stage
  4. Tenimyu’s Shibuya Station takeover
  5. Kimura Tatsunari’s Photobook
  6. Ton-chan fell over
  7. Kaisei’s head looks like teeth (apparently)
  8. Izaki Ryujiro’s fanclub opened
  9. BOYS AND MEN x MiniStop
  10. Kenya found his glasses

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10 things in fandom [16/06/09 – 16/06/15]

I was so busy at the weekend that I’m amazed that I was only one day late posting this.  Of course it gives me one less day to work on the next post, but I will do my best.

This week was tough. A few things did happen but there wasn’t those huge huge announcments I’ve had previously, so I had to do a lot of hunting. Here is what we have this week:

  1. New Bleach musical visuals
  2. Miyagi Koudai’s image change
  3. Yowamushi Pedal Drama
  4. BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei popularity contest
  5. Shunkin-sho
  6. Kento’s eggplant
  7. Kamimura Kaisei made an amazing discovery
  8. Tenimyu Team Live streaming
  9. Kenya’s retweet competition
  10. ○○ti became a thing

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10 things in fandom [2016/06/02 – 2016/06/08]

As expected, there weren’t too many big announcements this week (which is probably good for my bank account at least) so this week’s 10 things is a lot more trivial than last week’s.  Having said that, I was almost struggling to have 10 things this week until everything exploded on Monday, so you should be grateful that I didn’t have an excuse to talk about Yugo’s potato. It’s also very Tenimyu actor biased this week, but oh well.

So, this is today’s list:

  1. Yamabuki DVD Release Events: An update
  2. Asuma Kousuke Photobook
  3. Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD Release
  4. Tenimo certification
  5. Shota became the super-handsome king of birthday cakes
  6. Zaiki Takuma has a girlfriend?
  7. Naoya and Ryoshiro are too pure to be real
  8. Shun’s surprise meeting with a piece of udon
  9. BOYS AND MEN’s Nana-chan takeover
  10. How to be a fangirl with manners.

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