Bancho Boys Live vol. 1 (17/2/25)

On Saturday February 25th I took a quick visit to Tokyo to go and watch the Bancho Boys 1st Live. I bought the tickets spontaneously after I fell head-over-heels in love with Yasui Kazuma. I didn't even hesitate on buying the tickets and the ride to Tokyo, because I knew I wouldn't regret it. I was particularly … Continue reading Bancho Boys Live vol. 1 (17/2/25)

Top 5 current Tenimyu actors

I probably should have done this post while Seigaku vs Rokkaku was still going on because now I keep thinking "well, Yamabuki are coming back for Dream Live so maybe I can include them too..." but that wasn't the point of this ranking so I decided to leave out Yamabuki and only include Seigaku, Hyotei … Continue reading Top 5 current Tenimyu actors

Top 5 Ensemble Stars stage actors

I'm finally managing to do this after it all went wrong the first time and I ended up making a post just dedicated to one. This time I actually managed to get to all five after a lot of sitting and apologising to the two that I also really love who didn't quite make the … Continue reading Top 5 Ensemble Stars stage actors

Nakao Kenya First Fan Event (16/9/17)

On September 17th, I took an early bus into Tokyo to attend Nakao Kenya's First Fan Event. Looking at the venue details online before I left, the details stated that it had a "homely atmosphere" perfect for talk shows. It made me wonder what the place would be like, and there were three interesting things … Continue reading Nakao Kenya First Fan Event (16/9/17)