Idolish7 x Animate Cafe


On February 27th I finally managed to visit the Idolish7 Animate Cafe in Nagoya, after having to cancel a couple of times previously.

The tables in the cafe each feature a different character, and I was really happy when I was led into the room and straight to Nagi’s table. He’s my favourite character and it was my first time going to an Animate Cafe and being sat at the table featuring a character I like.


For my food, I decided to order Yamato’s birthday plate since I like all of the food that was on it. It included gyoza, edamame, potato salad and squid. It really tasted good (especially the gyoza) and what made it even better was that the random bromide that came with it turned out to be Nagi.


For my drink, I chose to get Nagi’s which came with an actual light inside. It was sakura and yuzu flavour which tasted really good. The coaster I got was Tenn. He’s my second favourite character and I spent most of my time there thinking hard about whether I wanted to trade him for Nagi or not.


While waiting for my dessert, I went to take a look at the goods and decided to buy five of the random badges. To my amazement, when I opened the packets, three out of five of the badges were Nagi. I’m not sure which god was smiling down on me that day, but I was almost beginning to think my luck was too strong. I would have been happy just to get one of his.


Finally my dessert came. Ever since I saw the menu I had been looking forward to trying Nagi’s Magical Kokona parfait, and it did not disappoint. Visually it was the pinkest sickeningly cute looking thing I’ve ever seen and it tasted so good. I literally scraped every last little bit of icecream out of the glass. By the way, I forgot to take a picture, but my bromide was Mitsuki.


I was still thinking hard about whether I wanted to trade my Tenn coaster for Nagi, because the girl at the table next to me had his and happened to be looking for Tenn. Before I made my decision, I decided to buy one more drink to try my luck again, but unfortunately it turned out to be Sogo. As I couldn’t find anyone to trade him with, I decided to let Tenn go and asked the girl beside me if she would trade.


It actually turned out to be a good thing I did because a few minutes later, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out Nagi’s coasters from previous events and gave them to me. So I ended the day with far more of his goods than I expected to get.

If you have a chance to go before it closes, I highly recommend it!

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