Translation: JUNON March 2018 Gingadan


I translated this interview from March 2018’s edition of JUNON magazine. The interview was done with them between the first and second shows of the Bancho Boys Christmas Live on December 23rd 2017.

Kihara: The live was so much fun!

Sawada: The enjoyment far exceeded my expectations (laugh). I could really see that everyone was holding their penlights and really enjoying themselves, so I was happy.

Oribe: Seeing everyone so excited, I was also on a high from adrenaline and it was over in a split second. The performance time felt like 3 seconds.

Yashiro: It really did feel like that (laugh).

Chikahisa: Seeing the smiles on everyone’s face one by one really made me happy, and I realised once again that I really like seeing everyone smiling.

Kihara: It felt perfectly suited that the songs we performed, Aishitemo Koishitemo and Massugu ni I Love You, were not only just our new songs, but winter songs as well.

Oribe: Although just me was sweating a lot so it really didn’t go together with the song too well (laugh).

Yashiro: I performed outside of Gingadan playing bass in the band section, but I hadn’t played an instrument since I played recorder in elementary school, so I worked hard to learn from pros for about a month. At first I flipped out at my teacher and told him “it’s useless!” (laugh) but in the end he told me, “you don’t need me any more” and today I was able to comprehend that. It was a really good experience.

Kihara: I played drums in the band section. It was the most nervous and worried I’ve ever felt, but I hope I was able to do it reasonably well.

Chikahisa: You were really cool. Takkun and Rui showed us a different side of themselves, and it was so motivating that it made me think I wanted to play an instrument too.

Oribe: Before appearing on stage, we always link arms in a circle but at the first show there was a lot of commotion and we forgot (laugh). Let’s do it the second time round. Let’s begin with a “WE CAN DO IT!”.

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