Top 10 Touken Danshi

This was actually really hard to put together. Even with 10 swords in mind, actually ranking them took me a long time. I imagine if I actually played the game, it would have taken me even longer, so I’m glad that I don’t so at least I’m a little limited in who I can choose. That’s right, I don’t play the game. I’m basically a fan through the musicals and stages, so all of these boys have featured in one or the other (aside from one exception who will be featuring later in 2018) and I’m probably definitely biased by the performances the actors did of them. Don’t judge me! Because of this, the list is liable to change in the future, since new swords are appearing all the time. Honestly, even after looking at this list for so long I’m still a little unsure of the order, but I guess it doesn’t really matter so long as there are 10 in there.

1. Hachisuka Kotetsu
When the visuals came out for the musical, I basically judged who I might like based purely on looks, since I knew nothing about any of them. It was Hachisuka that won that battle. Not only did I make this decision, I also went around resale stores and created an entire itabag for him without having actually seen the musical. I’ll admit, I was a little worried that when I finally saw him I wouldn’t like him as much as I thought, but fortunately I really did. I love that all he really cares about is how awesome he is and how good he looks but really has no clue what the hell anyone else is doing or why and that he spends most of the musical either being confused or hating on his brother, but I really like how he develops through the musical. Also, never forget that tractor scene from the anime.

2. Mikazuki Munechika

The one who was my favourite until Hachisuka came along (sorry, jiji). He was one of the earliest swords I saw, after watching the first musical, and after seeing him in both stage in musical I really loved his laid back grandpa like attitude and he’s SO BEAUTIFUL.  Having said that, I will admit to preferring Suzuki Hiroki’s version of Mikazuki. They’re both very different but not only do I love the older and slightly more creepy feel that Hiroki gives to him, I also really love the way Hiroki walks and fights as Mikazuki as well. I was so happy to be able to see it live in 2017.

3. Fudou Yukimitsu
Fudou (1).png
Gotta love the crazy drunk kid, right? He’s super cute and funny. Whenever I look at my Fudou cushion he makes me laugh. I loved watching him stumble round the stage drunk and hiccuping. But even though he’s so drunk and so fun he has all of this angst inside of him and honestly I really like characters that have drama, it makes them all the more interesting especially if they have all this drama while simultaneously being permanently drunk. Did I mention that he’s super cute?

4. Kashuu Kiyomitsu
I hate liking the popular kids, I really do. But what can you do. He’s cute, pretty, and such a brat that if you don’t like him he’s probably just going to go into a corner and sulk. So for that reason, I’ll like a popular kid just this one time. I really felt for him in the first musical when he was trying to control all of these really strong personalities and seemed to be slowly losing the will to live. Even with all of those complaints though, he still managed to make it through.

5. Sengo Muramasa

I remember when his visual came out in the game and everyone freaked out but I really did not know anything and then I watched the musical and he was there being super flirty and wanting everyone to take off their clothes and I was like, “I like this guy” and I did not look back. Yes, he is ridiculous and kind of gross but he does it in the most fun way. His musical had a lot of lighthearted moments as it was, but he was definitely the cause of most of it.

6. Hizamaru
Both of the brothers are pretty cool in their own way, but when it came to the live part of the musical when I went to watch, I didn’t hesitate to turn my penlight to green. Actually I’ll admit there were a few times I had my penlight on green even when really I should have it on blue, because he was hanging around where my seat was. I really like how he looks visually, and I really love how much of a hard life he has because he has a brother who just can’t remember his name. I really like how much of an attitude he has compared with Higekiri too.

7. Nihongou
I actually only just saw this sword for the first time a few days ago at the live viewing for the stage and he basically shot up into this list. There are actually various types of characters I like and he totally fits into my “you are strong and tough and look like you would be awesome protection” kind of favourite. Like I would not mess with someone who is just willing to swing and throw a spear around like that. I also love how much he really likes to drink (like seriously I just looked at all his game quotes before and he really talks about nothing else).

8. Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
If I really think about it I’m not sure if I grew to like him from the stage, or if I grew to like him when I saw him with that stupid flower in the anime, but either way he made his way onto this list somehow. I love how he goes about everything in this often quiet somewhat awkward way while wearing an ugly dirty cape but yet he still manages to shine. I really grew to like him more in the recent stage where he was given the chance to be the main and had all this drama going on.

9. Sayo Samonji
I always kind of liked his angry little visual, but in the first stage I don’t really remember him doing much in the first stage, and then I went to see the second stage and he was like my favourite thing about it after Mikazuki and I really wondered why I hadn’t noticed him so much before. Personality-wise, I really love him! He’s such an angry little brat with all of this hatred inside of him but he portrays it in such a cute way that somehow it’s impossible not to love him.

10. Tomoegata Naginata

This is the one exception to having seen all my favourite swords in the stage or musical. I get the feeling he might move up a little once I see the musical in the spring, but I left him at 10th because it didn’t feel fair to put him higher before seeing him. I was asked to buy a bunch of his goods at the TouLove store back in the summer, and I had no idea who he was at the time but when I saw how beautiful he was I almost wanted to buy all of the goods for myself too. From what I have heard about his personality, I’m sure I’ll love him in the musical too, but for now he is here purely for shallow visual reasons.

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