Happy New Year 2018

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great time, whether they were alone at home or out celebrating with friends and family. I spent the last day of 2017 doing a little cleaning around my apartment, playing Ensemble Stars while watching stages and then talking to my mum for a while.

When I wrote about my 2017 I really realised how many things I had done, how many people I had encountered, and how all of those people made it an amazing year. I really want to thank all of my family (for putting up with me talking about nothing but all the events and stages and actors), friends old and new for sharing those events and stages with me, and for all the fun chats about them, and all of those amazing actors who worked hard to put on great performances that I was able to watch.

Personally, in 2017 I felt a lot more comfortable in my job with a new boss who I respect a lot more than the previous one, and who gave me the chance to have more responsibility as a teacher who has been there a long time (but I’ll mention that again later). With that responsibility I got an easier time of things, and also the chance to do things that I hadn’t done before. I got to take part in two English Camps this year which were tiring but a lot of fun. Although I had some hard times, bad classes, bad decisions on other people’s part, and had something terrible happen to one of my former students, in general I felt like this year was good work-wise.

When I looked at my blog post from last new year, my main goal was to be a little more responsible with my money. I feel like I did manage to do that a little. I went from paying my bills at the last minute, to paying them as soon as I was paid. I cooked a lot more of my own food and so didn’t buy so many expensive things at the convenience store, and I was also able to pay off my credit card (although that wasn’t thanks to anything I did) and also finished paying for my iPhone, meaning my phone bills went down. I also managed to make extra money through my goods orders and sales, which helped me to manage everything. This is something I still want to work on in 2018 without sacrificing all of the fun things I like to do.

These are my other goals for 2018:

  1. Go to just as many events and stages as I did in 2017. This is a weird goal since I’m sure I’d be doing it regardless, but I see so many people saying they want to go to less. I had so much fun last year, and I make my own money, and that’s what I want to spend it on. I am 100% not a responsible adult and I plan to continue like that because I’m happy that way. Can’t spend my money when I’m dead so I may as well spend it now. /morbid
  2. Write in my blog 8 times every month. I feel sometimes like I go through life without documenting anything and I really want to have something to look back on at the end of the year to be able to say “I did this” or “I really liked that”. Part of it is that I want to write more reports from events and stages I go to, but I also just want to write about things I like or don’t like or what other people want me to write about (so if there’s something you’d like me to write about, please let me know!)
  3. Be more organised with goods orders & sales. On the surface I may seem pretty organised but I do stupid things like I don’t update all of people’s details on my order spreadsheets and then when I’m looking for people’s addresses later either I forgot to ask for them or I have to hunt through emails. I also sometimes forget when people have multiple orders with me at the same time and forget to ship things together. It’s only small things, but it takes time and inconveniences me and other people, so I really want to make it easier on everyone, including myself.
  4. Be better at my job. I don’t necessarily think I’m doing a bad job, especially when it comes to the teaching side, and my supervisor seems to agree with that based on my last evaluation. But I’ve been there over 6 years now and my supervisor puts a lot of responsibility on me to look after our new teachers and to help them in more of a leadership role. I really do feel like this is something I should be doing now, but I’m not a particularly good leader, so I really want to work on that more.
  5. Organise and keep my apartment cleaner.  I have never in my life been a tidy person, and this is probably the hardest goal on my list. I’m never going to have a spotless apartment and I have far better things to do than to spend a lot of time cleaning. But I really do like the feeling when I clean my apartment and I can walk around without tripping over random things on the floor, so even if I can just do that, I’ll be satisfied.
  6. Be better at talking to people at events. I know a lot of Gingadan fans who I have connected with through Twitter, but I’m so bad at actually talking to people at events. This is mostly due to my lack of confidence in speaking Japanese, but often unless someone speaks to me first we could be standing next to each other and I won’t say anything. I feel like the more I talk to people the more confident I will be, so I really want to hang out with everyone more and maybe do something with them outside of events. 

That’s basically it! I hope I can look back on this at the end of the year and can say I have met all of these goals.

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