Why Chikahisa Taisei is an amazing person


I have a favourite Gingadan member, and it is not, as the title of this post might suggest, Chikahisa Taisei. Even so, I love this kid with all of my heart, and because of this I really wanted to share with everyone what an amazing person he is, especially since I talked in detail about other Gingadan members previously.

Despite not being my favourite now (although what’s favourites when you love five people so much), when I first saw Gingadan on the day they debuted, it was Taisei who first caught my eye. He looked so gorgeous on stage and had this amazing smile, and had this coolness to him that was really intriguing to me. When I left the event, I posted a group picture they had taken at the event and tweeted, “I need to know who this kid on the bottom left is because he was really cool.”

A short time later, and I had found him on Twitter. I almost wondered if I had gotten the wrong person because with all the filters and weird expressions he used on his pictures, he looked like a completely different person. The impression I had gotten from him on stage and what I saw on Twitter were completely different and I started to see only this narcissistic guy who loved his face too much and thought he was just awesome.

That, in a nutshell, is Chikahisa Taisei. He admits himself that he is a narcissist and he has a lot of attitude and really thinks he is super cool. He is a huge poser and can’t take a photo without pulling weird duck-faces, is a huge attention seeker and loves to show off his expensive jewellery and make up and clothes.

However, underneath all of that coolness, Chikahisa Taisei is basically a fluffy marshmallow and that’s how I grew to love him all over again. Just don’t let him hear me saying that. He would die of embarrassment (because he is a fluffy marshmallow). Don’t just take my word for it though, here is some proof.

  1. He is 17 years old. 17 year old kids are not cool no matter how cool they think they might be. As an adult, I am allowed to say this.
  2. Look at this picture.image1-4.png

    I challenge you to find someone more fluffy than this. By the way this is what he decides to do to his hair over the summer when he is not restricted by school.

  3. On the last day of Gingadan’s release events in November, Taisei started choking up and crying and could do no more than look round at the other members and tell them he loved them. To put it in context, not one of the other members even came close to showing that kind of emotion. I imagine it’s hard for him being so far away from Tokyo and unable to see the other members as frequently as they can see each other. After the event he tweeted, “I’m not going to write anything long. Thank you for the amazing smiles and tear-stained faces. I’m happy. Let’s meet again.”
  4. Despite seeming to have super-confidence, he is surprisingly awkward when you put him on a stage. He’d prefer to look down at his feet while talking just so he doesn’t have to see people’s reactions if he accidentally says something stupid. He basically has no public speaking skills whatsoever and is really easily embarrassed. I’ve never seen him more embarrassed than when he gave Yoshinari a bottle of water when he didn’t actually want one (this is how easily embarrassed he is).
  5. This is what he looks like when he eats something he doesn’t like.image1-5.png

    Just look at that face.

  6. He has a pet ferret called Kuu-chan who he misses terribly when he goes away.
  7. In his bedroom he has a box of photos of him with his friends and he will randomly pull them out to show us and reminisce on how awesome his friends are and what amazing times he had with them, and you will never see him look more genuinely happy than when he is talking about his friends.
  8. He is super pathetic. He’s always cold. He’s always sleepy. He’s permanently on the verge of dying. He never understands any of his school work. Basically he needs someone to wrap him in a blanket, put him in bed and do all of his homework for him. I will do that, please give me this job.
  9. He had to skip Gingadan’s Junon interview in the cat cafe because he is allergic to cats (did I mention how pathetic he is).
  10. Finally, here he is eating something almost as cute and fluffy as him.image2.png

So there you have it. Chikahisa Taisei is an amazing person.

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