Shall We Dress vol. 2

This was the second of these lives that they have done, and was arranged by Dress_No, who also invited other acts to perform. One of the acts they invited this time was Gingadan, and it was that which finalised that I definitely wanted to go.

The space was a little bit of a mess (which I imagine is normal) and in the beginning I could not work out where the goods line was because they were being sold upstairs but the line started downstairs with no indication of what the line was (I thought it was the bathroom line until I saw people with their money). Unfortunately thanks to me being too relaxed and not rushing to get in line, Dress_No’s cheki tickets all sold out before I could get to the front of the line, meaning I was unable to get a picture with Kazuma. While I was disappointed, I did of course manage to pre-order my Gingadan CD which would get me a handshake with each of them and that definitely made up for it.

The second mistake I made was deciding to leave my bag on the floor in my space to reserve it. When I left it, there was a lot of space, but while I was gone, the first act started (not one I was interested in so I didn’t rush to get back) and everyone had kind of crowded in. I knew vaguely where my bag was, but it took me a while to find because it was dark and there was a lot of people. I think part of this problem (I wasn’t the only one who had to do this) was that they made the decision to only open the goods booth when the doors opened, and because it was standing, everyone wanted to reserve their good spot. I hope they learned this wasn’t a good idea and sell goods earlier next time (apparently they were sold earlier at the first one).

Anyway, once I finally had my handshake ticket and had re-discovered my bag, I was free to enjoy the event. In this report I’m only going to talk about Gingadan and Dress_No since those were the groups I was there for. The other groups were reasonably enjoyable as well but as I don’t know anything about them (not even their names) I don’t feel I can comment much.


Gingadan were the second act to perform. It happens at these events (because Dress_No were the main act and that’s who most people were there for), and I’ll admit myself to not paying attention fully to some of the other acts, but because most people weren’t there to support Gingadan I really wanted to make the most of showing that I was there for them. I will admit though that I was a little upset at a couple of girls who were standing behind me and chatted through their entire act including shit-talking about the group themselves. But I tried to ignore that and get on with enjoying the live.

I learned from the first song (Connected to U) the group’s theme colours. I’m guessing the members had colours when they performed as trainees but since forming Gingadan they have never mentioned them. As I was never sure, I always chose white as a neutral colour. Apparently I made a good decision because that actually seems to be Yu’s colour! I based these findings on who was frantically waving which colour penlights in the direction of members when they sang solo parts (it seems Rui is green, Yoshinari is red and Taisei is blue… I’m not sure what Takuya is since he wasn’t there).

After their first song, they introduced themselves. All of the members did simple introductions (their name and where they were from) but for some reason Rui decided he wanted to do a call and response first which really only succeeded in us (and the other members, it felt like) thinking he’d just forgotten to do his introduction and leading some non-fans to question who the hell he was. They mentioned how they were part of Bancho Boys like Kazuma, Yutaka and Yuta and that those guys are their seniors and how much they like them and they mentioned Kazuma’s name so much that he suddenly appeared on stage to find out what was going on. The way they all got so excited and flailed over him the whole time he was on stage was really cute.

With that done, they sang their second song HELLO AGAIN. I love this song a lot and it always gives me feelings. It was the song they sang at the live where they announced their formation as a group, and it was the song they sang when they were the opening act for Give Up Dance and it was between those two events that I became a fan, so that’s probably the reason. Now pretty confident with my white penlight I did all the crazy penlight waving in Yu’s direction when he sang his solo part. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like that before but like I said, I really wanted to give them the support they deserved.

After this song, they talked again and announced about their CD release on Wednesday and also mentioned the handshake you could get if you pre-ordered it at the venue. Then they did the usual thing of asking for everyone’s support. He made it sound really sad somehow by being like “please support us even though we’re basically nothing right now”. Like I kind of understand why he would word it like that but I was like, “awww no you’re not”. I’d really like them to have their own live so they don’t have to worry about people there not thinking much of them.

Their final song was You Go Your Way. This is a fun song and has some fun hand movements to do in the beginning and end. I was glad to see a lot of people joining in with them, even some people who didn’t have penlights.


As the main act, Dress_No had the most stage time of course. Not that I was at all disappointed about this because Kazuma is there.

Their opening song was BLACK & WHITE which I’ve been wanting to see on stage for the longest time. Their PV for the song shows some of a stage performance on it and I really loved the routine and also really like the song. The performance was as expected amazing and dramatic and perfect.

After that was REJECTION. The last time I heard this song was when Kazuma sang it solo at the Futaba twin’s birthday event, but it was nice to hear them singing it as a group again.

They introduced themselves but they didn’t really make a big deal of it since most people already knew who they were. Then they announced they’d be singing a new song that they’d never sung before, called Namida. It was a ballad song which they don’t often do as a group and they all seemed kind of nervous about it and somehow just kept putting off beginning by continuing to talk about nothing. After what happened later it’s pretty obvious why they were putting it off so long, and while singing they all looked super serious.

With this song finished, they wanted to do a talk corner. They had a box with topics in but they couldn’t get through too many because they talked too much. One of the questions asked them to name their favourite Dress_No song. I don’t remember what Yutaka said because I think it’s one they haven’t sung much. Kazuma said Still In, and everyone mocked him for not choosing So High So Bright, which he wrote. He said that was exactly the reason he hadn’t chosen it. Yappi then chose it as his favourite! Yuta and Shogo both said REJECTION (and high touched over their mutual love of the song) and Takumi said the song they’d sung for the first time that live, Namida.

Their last song was So High So Bright. It’s my personal favourite of their songs too but this was my first time hearing them singing it live.

Before their encore song, Shogo said they had a big announcement, and then turned things over to Yutaka who announced that he was graduating from the group and that this would be his last live. Everyone in the room was stunned, some girls started crying and a few even fled from the room in tears while the group were still standing on stage. He didn’t really give a solid reason for doing it, but it seems like he is still going to be around so I wonder if he’s going to focus more on acting? The other members of the group said a few words about him but Kazuma didn’t say a word and he seemed to be more worried about the fans who had left the room.

For their last song (Mirai no Tegami), they got out sign balls that they said they’d throw during the song. Kazuma for some reason was super scared and all he could keep doing before the song was looking at this ball in his hand and talking about how scary it was (is it really?). Oh but first they failed and forgot they all had their own balls and just took them at random so they had do this whole thing of “Who has mine?!” so they could get back the right one. I’m guessing they don’t do this too often. Anyway, they all seemed to survive doing it and the girls who caught them were super excited.


When I got up the stairs to the area where they were doing the handshakes, there was no one with them at the time but a couple of girls nearby filling out the forms to reserve and get their ticket. I was thinking of waiting for them to finish so I didn’t have to go “alone” but then the staff asked if anyone had a ticket, and so I decided to go for it. I think it turned out to be a pretty good decision.

It was all a bit of a daze to be honest because aside from Yu, this was my first time meeting any of them. Rui was first, and his first reaction was “Waaah!”. I’m not entirely sure what that was, but after that he extended his hands out to me really slowly.  It’s hard to describe how it was but it felt like he was the one grateful to be shaking hands with me rather than the other way round. I had been quite nervous but it immediately put me at ease and allowed me to relax through the rest of it. Thank you, Rui!

Next was Yu. I always automatically speak to him in English since I know he understands, and we had this tiny bit of conversation where I said I’d had fun and he said “that’s great!” (because he’s a shy boy and getting anything out of him is hard). At this point I was still the only one with the boys and suddenly from either side of me I heard “すごい!!!” (“Amazing”) and Rui and Taisei were just kind of staring at me and at Yu in awe. Yu looked under a super amount of pressure all of a sudden but I agreed with the other two in Japanese and told them and Yu his English was awesome, and he just shyly shook his head. He lies.

After him I was faced with Taisei. Actually, he had to go home early (because he had school the next day) so I was lucky to catch him because it was only a few minutes before he had to leave. Taisei is such a beautiful looking kid and especially up close, and his smile is pretty dazzling, and a lot of my words failed me but I told him it had been fun and I told him thank you in English, and he said it back to me in English too.

The last in line was Yoshinari. He’s the youngest member and full of energy and it really came across with his enthusiastic handshake and his words. He thanked me for coming and then he also told me I should come and see them again. It was at this point that I finally remembered to actually tell one of them I was coming to their release event next week. He was very thankful and sent me off with a smile.

With that, it was time to leave.

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