An introduction to Gingadan


Gingadan (銀河団), which means ‘galaxy cluster’ in English, are a 5 member group formed from Bancho Boys members and Bancho Boys trainees. Some of the boys had previously performed under the ‘Bancho Boys Trainee’ name, but they were officially announced as a unit on February 25th during a Bancho Boys Live. Shortly after that, they performed their song Hello Again as an opening act for the stage Give Up Dance (which one of the members, Kihara Rui, also acted in) and announced they would be releasing a CD at the end of May 2017.

Below is some information on each member. I’m still working on this as more information appears about them (and may have also included a few of my own opinions).


Yashiro Takuya (矢代卓也)


Date of Birth: 1999/07/09
Hometown: Chiba
Blood type: B
Skills/Hobbies: Taiko, lifting, soccer
Twitter: @pertinacity0701

Other information

  • Bancho Boys official member.
  • Plays Rokkaku’s captain Aoi Kentaro in Tenimyu 3rd season.
  • Seems to want to grow his hair but tragically keeps having to cut it off.

Kihara Rui (木原瑠生)


Date of Birth: 1998/09/15
Hometown: Tokyo
Blood type: B
Skills/hobbies: Music, movies, singing, baseball
Twitter: @RUI03607401

Other information

  • Bancho Boys official member as of April 2017.
  • Will be in the Show By Rock musical later in the year.
  • May actually be a comedy genius.

Sawada Yu (澤田優)


Date of birth: 1998/11/29
Hometown: Niigata
Skills/hobbies: Western movies, western music, badminton
Twitter: @YU55888

Other information

  • Fluent in English.
  • Graduated high school recently and is currently a University student.
  • Calls himself “English Moon”.
  • Wants to be an action star (and a Kamen Rider).
  • Nice smile (opinion by Futaba Kaname… and also me, but I may be biased)

Chikahisa Taisei (近久大成)


Date of birth: 2000/03/08
Twitter: @0308TC
Skills/Hobbies: Singing and sleeping

Other information

  • High school student. Really wants to graduate. But never goes to bed early.
  • Says he is the black hole of the group.
  • Likes make-up. Can do it better than most girls.
  • Takes a lot of selfies. Likes to pull weird faces (see his Twitter).

Oribe Yoshinari (織部 典成)


Date of birth: 2000/08/18
Hometown: Osaka

Other information

  • Says he is the shooting star of the group.
  • Is not at school. Seems to have a lot of free time.

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