Tsukiuta x Animate Cafe

Yesterday, me and Tina went along to the Tsukiuta x Animate Cafe collab in Nagoya. Tsukiuta isn’t one of my big fandoms, but I enjoyed the anime and the characters and the goods and visuals are really cute, so I was quite happy to go along and try the cafe, especially with company. Animate cafe collaborations aren’t the place to go if you want a cheap meal (we spent just over 2000 each for a meal and drink) but it’s a lot of fun. This was my second time going to an Animate Cafe, and I definitely plan on going to more in the future!


For my main meal I chose the Six Gravity basket. It came with a hamburger with special black bread (the hamburger had demi glace sauce and lettuce), onion soup and star shaped potato fries with ketchup. The black bread looks a little intimidating but it really just tasted like regular bread.


Tsukiusa dumpling! I had really wanted Koi’s version but despite it still being on the menu, it ended when his birthday month ended in February. But Haru’s version was pretty nice. The filling was red bean paste. And of course, it looked so cute I felt bad eating it. But I got over that because it was delicious.


I had really wanted to go for the drink for Kakeru and Koi, but obviously you have to like the taste and I thought I’d like the taste of this one (Arata/Aoi)’s better, so I chose that one. I really loved the little pink rabbit ears and all the sparkly stuff on the top, and it really did taste good so I was glad I chose it. It was kind of sickly sweet once I got the cream mixed in there, but luckily I really like sweet things.


I got three coasters for my order, plus a special pair coaster for spending over 2000 yen. I managed to get Kakeru for myself so I was really happy, and Tina traded me her Koi, so in the end I had my top two favourites plus an extra that I didn’t bother trading because I couldn’t work out who I wanted next anyway.


Tina also tried one of the random goods, and got this Kakeru stand which she promptly sold to me too. That’s the advantage of liking different people.  I didn’t try any of the random goods myself because the likelihood of getting the two I wanted was so low, so it was nice to be able to get one without even trying. I guess it was my lucky day.

I wish I had taken more pictures in the cafe, but I was too focused on eating. Next time I go to one of these (hopefully the Yu-Gi-Oh collab later this month and the Ensemble Stars one in April, I’ll remember to take more.

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