Top 5 current Tenimyu actors

I probably should have done this post while Seigaku vs Rokkaku was still going on because now I keep thinking “well, Yamabuki are coming back for Dream Live so maybe I can include them too…” but that wasn’t the point of this ranking so I decided to leave out Yamabuki and only include Seigaku, Hyotei and Rokkaku since they were the ones still in Tenimyu when I was given this ranking to do. This was seriously really hard and especially deciding on a favourite Seigaku member (as I wanted to make myself finally do it) was difficult, but I finally managed to come up with a list.

Tamura Shogo (Akutagawa Jiro)

I don’t think many people knew I liked this kid a lot because it took me a while to fall for his character, but actually he was my favourite in Hyotei from before the musical even started. I fell in love with him when the rest of the guys played a cruel trick on him on his birthday and made him think the Seigaku members were disciplining him and the other Hyotei guys, to the point where he burst into tears… only to then be presented with a birthday cake. I felt so bad for the poor kid when he had to apologise because his eyes were red in all of his pictures with the cake and I fell in love with him from that moment. It took me a while to grow to love his character because I was trying to get to know all of them all at once, but once I did he came to be a close second favourite.

Futaba Kaname (Saeki Kojiro)

I didn’t really take much interest in the Rokkaku actors when the stage was first announced and although I followed them all on Twitter I knew it would probably take actually seeing them on stage to work out who I might like or dislike. On my first show in Osaka, my seat was quite far back but was at least two rows back from one of the walkways, which only eventually gave me a good view of the cast when they came out there during the encore. Kaname was one of those people who stopped right in front of where my seat was. I then realised how amazing his face was and I went out and bought his photos when I left the theater. I was really happy to find out that he is in Bancho Boys like my favourite guys from the Ensemble Stars Stage, because it means I get to see a lot more of him, beginning with their live next week! As another added bonus he has a twin whose face is just as nice as his is.

Miura Hiroki (Atobe Keigo)

I really did not want to like this guy, because from all other seasons I’d watched I did not like Atobe at all. Somehow though Hiroki made me like him more. He moved from almost bottom of my ranking to fourth, which is pretty impressive thanks to one actor. During the Rokkaku musical I had more of an opportunity to watch him because there were less other people I liked and I was really struck by how beautiful his face and his movements were. Hyotei had a lot of power in that musical with all of their songs and he was amazing at every single moment. His solo scene practising ballet is my favourite scene in the musical. What really strikes me about him is how un-Atobe like he is in real life and how nervous he had seemed about taking on such a popular role. Having seen the first show of the Hyotei musical I was really impressed by how he grew into the role through the run of the musical.

Makishima Hikaru (Kaidoh Kaoru)

I found it really hard to choose a Seigaku 9th cast I liked over the other, and I felt a litte wary about my reasons for my final choice, but something had to do it for me and this was it. Hikaru is someone who has caused quite a stir in the musical. From before the show even began  with his somewhat weird relationship with Yuya, and always seeming to be around on everyone’s pictures. The fact that he was around so much made it even more concerning when he suddenly wasn’t. Even though it was an awful thing to happen to possibly injure an audience member during a performance, I think it showed a very good side to him. The show had to continue regardless and I imagine it must have been extremely hard to go on not knowing what might have happened in the audience. His look of fear and worry through the rest of the show wasn’t worries for himself, but worries for who he might have hurt, and I can’t imagine anyone not falling for him after seeing that genuine concern. It’s really nice to see all the support he gathered from everyone after the incident.

Yashiro Takuya (Aoi Kentaro)

I like it when actors help me to like a character, and with this one too, I’m pretty certain it was thanks to the performance that Kentaro became my favourite character in Rokkaku. He has a very lively character to play and his eyes and his smile sparkled from beginning to end. He has so much energy on stage and really impressed me through his entire performance, especially during his match and his solo. Having seen him do senshuuraku speeches three times (in Osaka, Nagoya and the final) I was also impressed that as a pretty young guy, he was very solid and confident in the way he talked and interacted with the others on stage and I felt like he did very well as a “captain” despite all of the pressure. And uh, this list is very biased towards Bancho Boys but this kid is also one so I also get to see him on stage soon as well.

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