Top 5 Ensemble Stars stage actors

I’m finally managing to do this after it all went wrong the first time and I ended up making a post just dedicated to one. This time I actually managed to get to all five after a lot of sitting and apologising to the two that I also really love who didn’t quite make the list.

1. Yasui Kazuma (Hibiki Wataru)


Before I start all over again and this becomes another Yasui Kazuma appreciation post…. See here.

2. Akira (Otogari Adonis)

C39GDUnUoAALrXp (1).jpg

I have to admit that my original draw to this guy was him being half-British. Gotta support my own, right? Then I really liked his voice and his amazing smile and he made me fall in love with Adonis too. Then a while back he did an Amestage broadcast and did a drawing game, where he was given something to draw and we had options to guess what it was. His first drawing was some kind of brush, but a couple of people clicked that it was karaage. He was so horrified that someone could possibly think his picture of a brush was karaage that he DID NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT for the rest of the broadcast. Like if I got 100 yen for every time he said “karaage” I’d be rich.

3. Higuchi Yuta (Kanzaki Souma)


Yuta is one of those guys who I was forever waiting to appear on Twitter to see what stupid thing he was doing this time. He’s always the centre of attention, and forever cheating on AKATSUKI with Undead and he was just there ALL THE TIME. He is seriously the most obnoxious and annoying guy but that’s 100% what I love about him. Is it really a photo if Yuta isn’t in it? If he’s not in it it’s probably because he is taking it of you sleeping. Also, every moment he had in the entirety of both Ensemble Stars stages was basically pure gold and I’m pretty certain attention-seeking Kanzaki Souma is basically him being himself with a sword.

4. Konishi Seiya (Nagumo Tetora)


I’ve seen this kid in so many things and it took me until this stage to actually notice him. I think it’s because I’d never paid attention to him much out of character and having only seen him in more “cool” roles (… and once as a girl) it took me seeing his real life personality through his Twitter and his curtain call that he awkwardly laughed his way through to realise “wow, this is one super awkward kid”.  He seems like such a genuinely nice guy who was SO HAPPY to finally have a whole unit to hang out with when it came to the second stage to the point where he cannot let go of them even now. He also put Tetora into my top favourite Ensemble Stars character because he was just that good playing him.

5. Akazawa Ryotaro (Ogami Koga)


Here we have a guy who is basically the pet of Kominami Koji and could not be happier to accept that position. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he lived in Koji’s closet and just comes out to work every day. I fell in love with Akazawa Ryotaro the moment he awkwardly laughed in the middle of his ending speech and then decided to thank a few people individually only to get flustered because everyone suddenly wanted a personal mention. Who does that?! He basically acted like he’d never had to do a speech in his life which I’m pretty certain isn’t true, so that basically confirmed that he is 100% airheaded. Apparently I like air-headed people.

Honourable mentions:

(Just to make me feel a little less bad about leaving them out)

  • Okutani Chihiro (Hakaze Kaoru) purely because of his BEAUTIFUL FACE.
  • Fukazawa Taiga (Sengoku Shinobu) who was so close to getting in the list but missed out because I really like him more in the Yowamushi Pedal drama and that didn’t count for much here.

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