Happy New Year

First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating last night. I spent the New Year with family and some family friends, eating too much food and playing games, and then seeing in the New Year by singing Auld Lang Syne, which was a tradition my grandma started when my parents first started hosting this party before I was even born.

I spent another amazing year in Japan in 2016, pushing myself head-first into stage and 2.5D fandom and spending most of my spare time sitting in theatres or meeting my favourite actors. I wouldn’t want to add up how much money I spent on these things in the past year, but I definitely don’t have any regrets.

I want to thank everyone who made this past year amazing! My family, who put up with me continually watching “Japanese people” on TV during my whole vacation and being able to talk about nothing but “Japanese people” on Skype every week.

Those friends who I was able to meet at stages and flail in person with, especially Tina, Alex, Steve and Emma. And also those who I wasn’t able to meet but got excited with over Twitter. One day, I’d love to meet each and every one of you and be able to talk to in real life instead of through my computer screen.

Also, to all of those amazing actors that I got to know this year who made my year so much fun. Each and every actor I saw on stage this year was special, but I’d like to give extra mentions to Kawakami Shota who stole my heart in a big way, and also to Izaki Ryujiro and Nakao Kenya, both of whom I was able to meet twice this year. I’d also like to mention the entire cast of Ensemble Stars on Stage, who I got to love so much that I made an entire blog dedicated to them.

In 2017, I want to continue this life of watching too many stages. But, although I consider myself not too bad at budgeting in general, I’d like to be a bit more of an adult about it so I don’t have those few days before pay day where I have zero money. I want to pay my bills more responsibly before spending money on the “fun” things.

Honestly, I’m not good at looking at the whole year as a whole and making goals, so this year I decided to make my goals two months at a time. I’m not going to share them here, though. Having said that, one of those goals is to update this blog more often about my life in general, so you might find that updates on one or two of those goals make their way here anyway.

With that, I wish everyone a great 2017!


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