Top 5 Ace Attorney characters

Out of all the rankings I’ve tried to do, this was by far the most difficult. I’ve played all the games except the 6th (and I haven’t completed the second Investigations game yet) and there are so many characters that appear every time, or just once or twice, many of which are amazing.

Please be warned, there are spoilers in this ranking, which is why I’ve listed the characters first. Please check to make sure you’re not going to be spoiled. I originally tried to do it without spoilers but I didn’t feel I could explain my reasons properly without them. Be especially careful of number 2, as it’s probably one of the biggest twists in the entire game and is also coming up in the anime soon too.

  1. Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies)
  2. Matt Engarde (Ace Attorney: Justice for All)
  3. Dick Gumshoe (Various)
  4. Klavier Gavin (Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice/Duel Destinies)
  5. Franzisca von Karma (Various)

1. Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies)


In my lifetime I want to see this game as a movie or stage because wouldn’t this guy in real life be the most perfect thing?! When I first started this game, I wasn’t particularly intrigued by the first case. But most of the first cases are a little like that, so I didn’t pay it much attention and kept going. And then the second case happened, and this guy appeared, and I wanted nothing more than to keep playing and keep playing and gradually unwind his story from the beginning.

Visually, he looks AMAZING. I would love to see him done on stage some day. On the surface he’s not the nicest guy. He’s violent and rude, he throws feathers at people and he talks about all the horrible people he met in prison and not the kind of guy that you would probably want to meet. But despite all of that, he’s honourable like a samurai, and spent years having an awful time in prison to protect someone he cared about who he thought had committed murder. Actually, maybe I wouldn’t mind meeting him after all.

2. Matt Engarde


If you know me, you probably know I like bad guys. Is this guy a bad guy? Well… There’s something interesting about this guy. Something that made me almost drop my DS on the ground in shock the first time I saw it. I always liked the way his character looked, and I really enjoyed his lazy my-pace guy who seems incapable of making his own decisions. He wasn’t the most “likeable” character by any means, and was also pretty self-absorbed, but I couldn’t help but enjoy him whenever he was on the screen.

And then something happened. To this day, I’m still sad that I can’t get that back that moment when I saw his real personality for the first time. Because wasn’t it just the most amazing moment? And what I particularly like about it is the mystery. Is it his real personality? Or is it another personality. I kind of like to think that that lazy, my-pace guy is still there somewhere underneath, but who knows.

3. Dick Gumshoe (various)


Isn’t this guy just the most pathetic excuse for a human being you have ever seen? But in that kind of adorable puppy like way where you just want to cook him a hot meal and possibly give him all of your money. I’m really not entirely sure how someone who fails that much became a homicide detective, but that’s beside the point.

I love his hero-worship of Edgeworth despite that Edgeworth seems to have very little regard for him a human being. I love that despite all of the jokes they make about it, it really does seem like he’s the only detective in the entire world. I love all his stories about his childhood that always get shut down, and that sometimes he actually DOES do something right and when he does things always start to go well.

4. Klavier Gavin


He was one of a few people I was agonising over trying to decide between, and then recently I replayed a little of the Apollo Justice game, and made the decision. In general I’m not so much a fan of the Apollo Justice stuff compared to the Phoenix Wright games, but he (and one other character) made it worth playing for me, and I was also really happy that he reappeared in Duel Destinies.

So why do I like him? Come on, he’s an attorney and a rockstar at the same time (and plays his music and an air-guitar in court), is there any more reason than that to love him? He’s different to the other prosecutors in the game in that he is actualy super honest and friendly and has no interest in “winning” as long as the truth is found. It’s kind of refreshing.

5. Franziska von Karma (various)


It’s actually very rare that a female character makes its way this high up in a ranking of mine, but when they do, it’s usually this kind of female character that makes it. I find most female characters too girly and whiny and annoying, but just occasionally you get a super strong firey character, and Franzisca is definitely one of those.

I really love her progression through the series. How she starts off cold and brutal and that although she remains tough, she softens a little when she realise that her path isn’t right and isn’t her only option. Although she remains arrogent and still uses that whip on everyone, she starts to show a lot more respect towards the other characters in the game. I think she’s possibly the character in the game that has the most development throughout the story.

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