Favourite St. Rudolph Team Live Moments

As much as I wanted to make this into a Top 5 like I did for the Yamabuki Team Live, I ended up with a list of six and they were all such amazing moments that I couldn’t bear to narrow it down, so I decided to leave them all here. I also couldn’t decide which of these amazing moments I liked the best, so there’s no actual ranking this time. Again, if you want to watch them for yourself (which you really should) you can download them here.

Kaisei’s Date Video


Honestly, all of the St. Rudolph’s cast’s date situations were a little weird. What with Riku wanting your hand in his dirty pocket, Daiki getting ridiculously enthusiastic over a merry-go-round, Yugo teasing you with icecream and Kenya lending his jacket to you because you’re cold (just put your arm around her, you weirdo), there was none of them I really felt like I wanted to go on. But by far, the one I wanted to go on the least was Kaisei’s and that is exactly why it makes this ranking. You have a date. You put some make up on, do your hair, get dressed up a little, and then your date tries to get you to walk into the middle of a fountain. And when you refuse, he sprays you with the water with his hands. This is just the kind of plan that little demon child would come up with, and I love him for it. And just look at the gleeful look on his face as he carries out his evil date.

Shun and Zaiki’s date re-enactment


After the previous team lives where they had chosen one cast member’s date situation to talk about and sometimes demonstrate, they had no one left for this one and so they decided the best thing to do was to demonstrate all of them in one skit, with Zaiki as the guy, and Shun as the girl. For some reason known only to himself Shun decided he was going to be a foreign girl and spoke only in English. The extent of his English was 99% “Oh my god” and 1% everything else (basically, “I’m cold”, “I’m hot” and “I’m hungry”), which only made it more hilarious. The fact that Zaiki just went along with it like it was perfectly natural was amazing.

Kaisei’s kicking Kenya’s ass (literally)


So, Kaisei was quite happy (well, not really, but he did a good job of pretending) to let Kenya take over his corner (again) and humbly went to sit back down in his seat. But Kenya couldn’t help but push him a little by doing a very bad impersonation of Kaisei introducing the corner. Could Kaisei let that go? Of course he couldn’t. In one swift movement, he stood up, sauntered over to his unsuspecting captain, and gave him a sharp jump kick to his ass. Kenya was on the ground in seconds (honestly, with all the bad things that happened to him in this team live, I’m amazed he came out alive).

Yugo’s pump up corner


Honestly, when I saw what he did for this corner in the first show that day (getting Kaisei to do various exercies and enjoying him screaming through the entire thing) I didn’t think it could get any better, but then it did. Even Kaisei knew it was going to go terribly wrong and was just happy it wasn’t him as he told Miyagi to try his best. From the moment Miyagi came out with, “Miyagi Koudai is going to do THIS?!” I knew something funny was going to happen. First he kicked Kenya in the chest on his way up, causing Kenya to push him back down and wipe his jacket. Then he tried again, whined a lot, kicked Kenya in the chin and then slammed down to the ground when Yugo told him to try and angle his body. By the time Yugo ordered him to try again he had basically given up on life. Then to top it all off, Daiki demonstrated it perfectly and the “old man” status got transferred to Miyagi.

Miyagi and Kaisei’s Quiz team


You only have to look at the above screencap to see how unhappy Miyagi was about being paired up with Kaisei for the quiz (whereas Kaisei looked like he was having the best time of his life). Miyagi hadn’t won the quiz through the entire team lives and so this was his final chance, and I guess he thought he had already lost being paired up with Kaisei. They basically argued over whose fault it was when they got a question wrong, Miyagi whined endlessly (as always) and when they got to the final part where they had to pop the balloon between them they failed so hard that Kaisei just threw the un-popped balloon across the stage in anger.



If you didn’t know, Kenya has a bit of an addiction to kabedon and through the entire team live fun he always had a kabedon situation written down ready and waiting in his pocket in case he won the quiz. He won it in one of the other shows and was able to do it, and for some crazy reason Zaiki decided to let him do it this time even though he hadn’t actually won. He chose Daiki as the guy and Riku as the girl and teamed up with Kaisei to be the wall. They almost didn’t make it to the actual kabedon because Daiki refused to do it while everyone was laughing at him. Then, moments before Daiki did the kabedon, Kenya told him to hit the “wall” strongly, and Daiki did not disappoint. The wall (Kenya) was hit so hard in the chest he fell to his knees in pain leaving Kaisei trying to desparately keep his side of the wall together even though he had also been hit and also in pain.

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