Singing BoyMen in Yamapi world

Yesterday, we ventued into Yamapi world.

We had avoided this collab room up until now because it’s more expensive per 30 minutes than regular rooms, and you have to reserve per 30 minutes, no free time. We usually go for freetime, but this time since we were only planning on staying for two hours, we decided to give it a try.

The Yamapi experience started right at the door, and when we went inside we weren’t surprised to see his face everywhere.

Unfortunately for Yamapi, despite being in his collab room we only actually sang one of his songs because we are BOYS AND MEN fans and it took most of our two hours to get through all of their songs. I’m sure he was judging us and gradually getting more and more mad the longer we went without singing anything of his. We managed one of his songs, and we also sang a couple of NEWS songs as well though, which must count for something.

See? There he is.


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