10 things in fandom [16/06/15 – 16/06/22]

This week was an interesting one. I basically have a bunch of nice announcements except that most of them don’t have much information available yet, and then a few people failing at life. I feel like this is the way it should be every week. I had a lot of fun writing this blog this time.

Here is what we have this week:

  1. Touken Ranbu Stage cafe
  2. Shun made a mistake (again)
  3. New Yowamushi Pedal Stage
  4. Tenimyu’s Shibuya Station takeover
  5. Kimura Tatsunari’s Photobook
  6. Ton-chan fell over
  7. Kaisei’s head looks like teeth (apparently)
  8. Izaki Ryujiro’s fanclub opened
  9. BOYS AND MEN x MiniStop
  10. Kenya found his glasses

1. Touken Ranbu Stage cafe

This week Tower Records Cafe in Omotesando announced a collaboration with the Touken Ranbu stage which finished recently. Japan loves to do cafe collaborations with all kinds of things, so it comes as no surprise that they would make one for such a popular stage play, even one that has already completed its run. The collaboration will run from July 1st until July 26th, with reservations beginning on June 25th.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictures show the food and drinks on the menu, goods that will be sold at the cafe, and the free random coaster you receive with your orders. I’m planning on going to the cafe myself in the middle of July (probably on the 17th) so will be willing to take orders for the postcard set (2160 yen) and the cups (1944 yen each) if anyone would like them.

2. Shun made a mistake (again)

Ishida Shun is very much known for being airheaded. He’s certainly not the only one in the Tenimyu cast who could be given this label, but he’s one of the ones who isn’t particuarly vocal about it. Instead, when his airheadedness shows, it’s usually other cast members who call him out on it over social media.


The tweet came from Zaiki Takuma, and reads:

“Shun-kun was saying, ‘Uh, look at this! It’s a circular version of a dorayaki!’. Isn’t dorayaki usually round? (lol)”

Shun also has a habit of appearing on Twitter only to defend himself, and this time was no exception. “I meant to say ‘a circular version of taiyaki‘ though…” was his defence, which really doesn’t make that much of a difference, especially since Shun is also known for mixing up his words.

3. New Yowamushi Pedal Stage

tumblr_o3m0g4I9XQ1qe3qgfo1_250After the announcment of a new drama featuring many of the stage play’s actors last week, this week it was announced that there will also be a new stage play. This time it will be focussed on Hakone Academy, and will star Higashi Keisuke, Kawaharada Takuya, Akimoto Ryutaro, Tanimizu Riku and Kanesaki Kentaro. It will be performed from September 30th to October 2nd in Tokyo Dome City Hall, and in the Orix Theater in Osaka from October 7th to October 10th.

On a personal note, I’m actually more excited for Ton-chan’s character than I am for him as an actor (although of course I really do like him). He was my favourite character in the last Pedal Stage, before I even knew who the actor was, but he didn’t have a huge role last time. He should be around a lot more this time!

4. Tenimyu’s Shibuya Station takeover

tumblr_o90yw4ffZZ1vpv54eo3_400On June 20th, pictures began to appear on Twitter of pillars at Shibuya Station with pictures of the Seigaku vs Hyotei cast on them. Each character has their own huge display, with a picture of them along with one of their quotes.

Honestly there are so many pictures of this display that it’s basically impossible to show all of them, so I didn’t even try. Most of the 3rd Season cast have also been and taken photos with their own and others posters. If you’re following Tenimyu actors you’ve probably seen them. The Tenimyu blog has also dedicated several entries to the boys checking them out too.

The display will be there until June 26th. They will also be broadcasting a CM for the musical in Tokyo, followed by Nagoya and Fukuoka! Details for that can be found here.

5. Kimura Tatsunari’s photobook


The photobook wave continues, ripping away more money from the fangirls. I already had one photobook announcement in my last entry, and this week we got another announced from another Haikyuu cast member.

Kimura Tatsunari’s photobook will be released this winter, and that is basically all the information that we have at the moment. Updates will be given on a Twitter set up for the photobook.

Tatsunari also posted a video onto the Twitter where he basically read the details from the flyer over and over again with increasing excitement and increasing failure in being able to get his words out. You can see that here.


6. Ton-chan fell over


Does anyone actually like the rain? I know I hate it, but after what happened to on Monday, I’m pretty certain Ton-chan hates it even more. A tweet appeared from him saying “As expected, I hate rainy days. I fell magnificantly on the stairs. How embarrassing.”

Now, you’d think in this kind of situation people would be sympathetic and ask him if he was okay, right? Wrong. Actually, winner of the most sympathetic award goes to Ueda Keisuke who told him to “be careful”, but most people took it as an opportunity to make fun of Ton-chan’s huge size. “If someone that big fell in front of my eyes I’d be so surprised I’d fall too,” came a tweet back from Miyazaki Shuto, followed by a similar one by Wada Masanari. With friends like that…

7. Kaisei’s head looks like teeth (apparently)

Following on from his revelation last week about how to write your height to make yourself seem taller, Kaisei had yet another this week which he shared to his Instagram followers. “I think my face looks like a tooth,” he wrote, and if that wasn’t a random comment enough, he followed it with this diagram:

IMG_1433 (Edited).PNG

I’d love to go inside Kaisei’s mind and see what is actually going on in there. I’m not entirely sure I’d make it out alive though.

8. Izaki Ryujiro’s fanclub opened

info-img (1)After being vaguely announced by Izaki a while back, this week his fanclub finally opened. The site kind of looks like it was created about 15 years ago, but it’s a pretty large achievement for him to have his own fanclub. It seems from the information that one of its main purposes will be for preceeding tickets for plays and musicals he might do in the future, and they also mentioned there may be special fanclub only events.

The fanclub costs 5000 yen for one year, reducing to 4000 the second year and onwards. I joined on the day it opened (although I still have to go and pay for it) so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with it in the future and what special things I might be able to get through it. Seeing him being this successful makes me really happy that I became his fan all that time ago!


9. BOYS AND MEN x Ministop


This isn’t exactly a HUGE announcement, but what I loved about this whole thing was fandom’s reaction and the swiftness of everyone taking it upon themselves to offer status reports about their local Mini Stops. Although the main part of this campaign is that if you spend 500 yen at the store, you can use the receipt to apply for a lottery to win a prize, people went crazy over the free clearfiles you could get by buying certain items. Suddenly Twitter was flooded by people who had just gone and gotten 10 clearfiles, and then other people feeling the need to tell everyone that the Mini Stop in whatever area had already sold out or that they had 1 left or that they’d miraculously found some available somewhere. The power of BoyMen fans has always been a little crazy, but this just proved it once again.

10. Kenya found his glasses

ClK3qMqUYAAdMKj.jpgYou will be glad to hear that Kenya found the glasses he lost. In his fridge. Like Shun, Kenya is another Tenimyu cast member who is known for being airheaded. However, Kenya is not afraid to tweet about his own stupid errors, despite claiming not to be airheaded at all. The story is that Kenya was about to take a bath, took off his glasses and somehow they disappeared. He spent a week looking for them and finally found them here. He assumes he put them in there while he was taking a face pack out of the fridge. I have several questions about this entire situation:

  1. Why would you put your glasses down in the fridge anyway?
  2. How did you not look in your fridge for a week?
  3. Have you been blind for a week?

… I think that’s all my questions. And apparently he’s still not airheaded. Uh huh.

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