10 things in fandom [16/06/09 – 16/06/15]

I was so busy at the weekend that I’m amazed that I was only one day late posting this.  Of course it gives me one less day to work on the next post, but I will do my best.

This week was tough. A few things did happen but there wasn’t those huge huge announcments I’ve had previously, so I had to do a lot of hunting. Here is what we have this week:

  1. New Bleach musical visuals
  2. Miyagi Koudai’s image change
  3. Yowamushi Pedal Drama
  4. BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei popularity contest
  5. Shunkin-sho
  6. Kento’s eggplant
  7. Kamimura Kaisei made an amazing discovery
  8. Tenimyu Team Live streaming
  9. Kenya’s retweet competition
  10. ○○ti became a thing

1. New Bleach musical visuals

This was one thing I could guarantee was going to be here this week, because after they posted the previous batches of visuals, they said they would post the final ones on June 13th. And as promised, when June 14th rolled round, they posted an announcement on Twitter that the remaining visuals were now up, and the site immediately started to run ridiculously slowly as everyone tried to access it and take a look. You can find the full set of the new and previous visuals on the official website, but there was of course one particular visual I was most interested in seeing.

cast15 (1).png

Yep, this is what I had been waiting to see for what seems like far too long. Kawakami Shota as his character Zaraki Kenpachi. I was a little worried seeing the pictures of his character from the anime, but it turns out that he can do it and still look his usual handsome self, so I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him like this.

2. Miyagi Koudai’s image change

CkqmJv_UoAABUvy.jpgSince the boys finally finished with Tenimyu several of them have taken the opportunity to finally change the hair they have been stuck with for so long. Amongst those who have made that change are Kenya, Riku and Izaki, but this week a new member joined the list. Miyagi Koudai suddenly posted a picture of himself on Twitter with extremely bright hair, totally different from the dark hair he’s had basically ever since we first saw him. It turns out though, he didn’t do it for fun. His new stageplay will be beginning soon and he chose this over wearing a wig, which makes sense. He has said since during the Freedom Event that he really loves dark hair so that he will probably dye it back once the run finishes. So if you like Miyagi with this hair, please enjoy it while you can. It seems it won’t be around for too long.

3. Yowamushi Pedal drama

Having only seen one of the stageplays, I can’t exactly say I’m an expert in this fandom, but wasn’t this drama announcement just the most amazing thing?! It definitely isn’t the first time dramas have been made from animes or stage plays made from dramas but what is a lot rarer is taking a bunch of guys who played these characters in a stage play, and putting them in a drama. And the popularity of some of these actors right now. Ogoe Yuki, Suzuki Hiroki, Kimura Tatsunari. And that’s just to name a few. Asato Yuya too, who I’ve been super into myself recently. And, for the Tenimyu fan, getting to see Aoki Soramu’s wonderful face on a TV screen is also something to look forward to. The drama will be airing this August, and you can find more information on the official site. There was also a report about the drama with some pictures posted here.

4. BOYS AND MEN Kenkyusei Popularity Contest

A couple of years ago, BOYS AND MEN held a popularity contest for its members, with the winning five members being able to sing the main song for one of their singles. Now, it’s the Kenkyusei’s turn for their own contest. There are fourteen members altogether, including the Kenkyusei plus BOYS AND MEN Tokyo members. They are: Terasaka Raiga, Nonoda Kanade, Kanda Rikuto, Nakahara Sota, Kitagawa Setsura, Shimizu Takanori, Takasaki Jukiya, Matsuo Seiru, Kometani Kyosuke, Misumi Kazuki, Yokoyama Toy, Matsuoka Kennosuke, Sato Takumi and Urakami Takuya (a new member).

Out of these fourteen, the top five members voted for by the fans (the votes will be conducted during their summer tour) will sing the main song for the single, which is going to be a “major” single. I have my own ideas about who probably will and won’t make it into the top five, and I don’t think the result will be particularly surprising, but we will see. Just to put my prediction out there: Raiga, Kanade, Rikuto, Sota and Taka (not necessarily in that order, although I do think Raiga will come out on top).

5. Shunkin-sho


Do I need to do anything more than leave this image here? The show begins from tomorrow so there’s been a lot going on this week. The above image is from the dress rehearsals they had today for the Tokyo shows. Anyway, no matter how many times I look I can’t see that pretty girl at the front as Wada Takuma. Aside from these pictures being released, they also announced the goods for the show, which is basically going to make everyone poor because they are not only 100% pretty, but there are a lot and they also have random bromides. The goods are listed on this page, so if anyone wants anything, please feel free to let me know.

6. Kento’s eggplant

Ck_ZhM1UkAAY1yW.jpgThis makes me glad that I didn’t manage to post this yesterday because if I had I might have missed out on this gem from last night. So, June 15th was Tsuchida Takumi’s birthday, and as most of the BOYS AND MEN members do, he had a birthday event to celebrate the day. And as they often do, other members came along as a guest. The main guest for this time was Kento, and he bought with him something a little special to use during his two-shots.

Yes, that is an eggplant. And now a pretty famous eggplant since it has featured in every two-shot he took during the event. Is there an explanation? Kento needs no explanation for anything, but Tsucchi is the purple member of the group, making him automatically associated with eggplants. It makes perfect sense, and yet…

7. Kamimura Kaisei made an amazing discovery

o0480064013673754368.jpgKaisei is very much known for his weird pictures and blogs, and yesterday, yet another one of these appeared. Kaisei thinks, at 170cm, he is pretty short, but he thinks this is all down to the way in which you write down the height. He says that while most people would write it as “170cm”, if you write it as “1 meter, 70 centimetres” suddenly he seems a lot taller.

Kaisei himself compares this discovery to such great things as the discovery of radioactivity and of the tuberculosis germ, and says he would like to receive a prize for his amazing discovery. Personally, I think he deserves something. Maybe some shoe inserts.

He tried his best, I guess. And I can definitely see how his theory makes sense, but sorry kid, you’re still short.

8. Tenimyu Team Live streaming

Much to the delight of everyone (including myself) who wanted to see these wonderful shows again, Tenimyu’s official site announced that they would be offering streaming/fixed time download of all four of the Team Lives. The Seigaku and Fudomine lives will be available from July 1st, with the St. Rudolph and Yamabuki lives becoming available in mid-July. What is especially good about this happening is that it specifically states they will be including the talk sections which aren’t going to be available when the lives are put on as an addition to the Dream Live DVD. The talks were by far the most fun part of the St. Rudolph and Yamabuki lives, and were great for getting to know the cast better. I really recommend watching if you can!

9. Kenya’s retweet competition

b7fa31fa-sA little while back, Kenya hit 10,000 followers on his blog and he promised something special if  he reached that target. This week, he announced a competition in which we could win various prizes if we retweeted a tweet. Depending on the number of retweets, the number of prizes would increase. The prizes were:

500 RTs – 5 signed boards (see picture)
1000 RTs – 5 signed polaroids
2000 RTs – 3 items of his
3000 RTs – A live broadcast

He managed to hit the 3000 mark only a couple of hours before the deadline. He then announced that the items of his he would give away would be this shirt, this basketball and these pants.

The winners of the prizes will be announced tomorrow, and he will be doing his live broadcast some time in the future! The broadcast will be through an app called LINELIVE. I downloaded the app but I had to be signed into the Japanese Itunes store to get it, so I’m not sure how hard it might be to get outside of Japan.

10. ○○ti became a thing

Tenimyu 3rd Season’s Momoshiro Takeshi, Mashima Shuto, has always gone by the nickname ‘Shuti’, but this week he showed that it doesn’t end just with his name.


Meaning: An abbreviation of Shuti wearing a t-shirt with a deer picture on it.

Example: “You’re Deer-ti, today!!!” (by Honda Reo)

Other: In this way, within the range of common sense, the conjugation “○○-ti” can be transmitted to the person himself.

So, next time you see a picture of Shuti, please feel free to use this official conjugulation based on what he looks like/is wearing/is doing.

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