A Saturday in Tokyo

Last weekend (June 11th and 12th) I spent the weekend in Tokyo. It was originally supposed to be just the Sunday for an event I had a ticket for, but I made the decision to go a day earlier, try to get a ticket for another show I wanted to go to, and have time to hang out with friends and do some shopping. It turned out to be an amazing weekend, despite some of the bad luck and not managing to see any shows on Saturday. I’ll be writing a report of the event I went to on Sunday, but this is how I ended up spending my Saturday.

I spent a few hours of the morning hibernating in McDonalds because when you arrive in Tokyo at 6am there isn’t a lot to do. Fortunately my boredom was cured a little with the arrival of a friend, and when 10am came, we finally escaped and made a brief trip to Animate where I bought myself a new penlight in preparation for possibly watching Touken Ranbu that day. As it happens, maybe this was what brought me all the bad luck.


I then headed off on my own to the AiiA theater, where we were planning on attempting to get a last-minute ticket for the Touken Ranbu musical. Once me and Tina met though our first thing to do was to attack the gacha. My plans were to buy six altogether, because there were three things of two characters I really wanted. I started with four. Three out of my four ended up being Ishikirimaru who is probably my second to last favourite, and the other was Imanotsurugi who is my least favourite.

Anyway, a while later and I’d managed to trade for a few of the ones I wanted.


Not pictured was the other two I had bought, bringing my total to eight rather than my original limit of six. Clearly limits mean nothing to me. The problem is that trading six for six is really hard, because you need to have a selection of things that people might want.

Somewhere amongst all of this we had also lined up to try and get a ticket and received our lottery number. Eventually, the results came out. No ticket for either of us. Given how many people had lined up and how many actual numbers were successful, it wasn’t really a surprise, but it was a slight disappointment.

We decided to put our disappointment into food and ate lunch before heading back to the venue once again. What proceeded was us sitting dangerously close to the gacha area for about two hours, and heading back there a couple of times again, proving how addictive they actually are.


This picture basically shows what I ended up with, except there are two missing that I got afterwards. In the end, I didn’t do too badly. I got all four of the sakura shaped badges I wanted, both of the mirrors, and one of the four can badges I wanted. Getting Kashuu’s can badges proved 100% impossible because everyone was looking for them. The people who had them and didn’t want them basically had the power to choose whatever they wanted, and no one wanted what I had.

Our luck with tickets once again failed us though, and we didn’t manage to get a ticket for the second show either. Again, there was a lot of people and not too many places. In the end though, doing all of the trading and collecting completely made up for the disappointent of not actually being able to see the show, because it was so much fun. I didn’t feel like it had been a waste going to Tokyo early, and I didn’t feel like it had been a waste spending most of the day hanging out at the theater.

Because this leads quite nicely onto my next part, let me just leave some naked KishiTaku here. Tina got me these photos from his birthday event last week and gave them to me on Saturday. She could only afford to get me one so I told her to choose the best. This is the best.


My last chance for a bit of good luck came when we headed to karaoke for the evening. The place we chose has numerous collaborations for drinks right now, and the one I had really wanted to try was for the stage play Karneval which had recently been performed. With each drink, you could receive a random free coaster. Out of ten choices, there was one I wanted. I thought I stood no chance, but the drinks looked pretty nice so I thought I’d at least give it a try. I put my hand in the coaster box, grabbed one and pulled it out.


Miraculously, out of those ten choices, I managed to pull out the one I wanted first time. I was so happy I might have shouted out a little. Thank you, KishiTaku, for coming through for me and giving me good luck that no one else had given me that day. Maybe the fact that I chose his character’s drink gave me that luck.


I didn’t have so much luck with the Dance with Devils collab, and got Loewen (again…) but since I know some lovely people I ended up trading it for Mage, and also got Urie from a previous trade. In the end, karaoke was the luckiest time of my day. Throughout the whole evening I actually kept picking up the Karneval coaster and looking at it because I expected it to disappear and be replaced with someone else. My luck is just never that good.

Of course, it wasn’t all about the drinks, though. We also sang a lot of songs, mostly from Tenimyu, Touken Ranbu, and a little bit of BoyMen and Magic Prince. I had to suffer through everyone singing Lucky Sengoku again, however I then got to act out an entire Akutsu/Dan scene with Tina which totally made up for it. We spent so much money on karaoke and drinks and food, but it was a super fun 3 hours. Look at our after-karaoke “we had fun!” faces (thanks Tina for taking the photo).


Overnight, we stayed at a hostel that only opened in March called Unplan Kagarazuka. I was impressed by how it looked on the website so I decided to book it, and it was so nice! We stayed in an all-female dorm with nice sized capsule style bed areas, and it even had its own shower room and bathroom attached. I’d always been a bit nervous about staying in a dorm, but with the capsule style it didn’t really feel like one. I actually just cancelled my booking elsewhere for July and changed to this place, I enjoyed it that much.

So, that was Saturday. Lots of money spent but lots of fun had, is a good way to sum it up.

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