10 things in fandom [2016/06/02 – 2016/06/08]

As expected, there weren’t too many big announcements this week (which is probably good for my bank account at least) so this week’s 10 things is a lot more trivial than last week’s.  Having said that, I was almost struggling to have 10 things this week until everything exploded on Monday, so you should be grateful that I didn’t have an excuse to talk about Yugo’s potato. It’s also very Tenimyu actor biased this week, but oh well.

So, this is today’s list:

  1. Yamabuki DVD Release Events: An update
  2. Asuma Kousuke Photobook
  3. Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD Release
  4. Tenimo certification
  5. Shota became the super-handsome king of birthday cakes
  6. Zaiki Takuma has a girlfriend?
  7. Naoya and Ryoshiro are too pure to be real
  8. Shun’s surprise meeting with a piece of udon
  9. BOYS AND MEN’s Nana-chan takeover
  10. How to be a fangirl with manners.

1. Yamabuki DVD Release Events: An update

3_1606040054205962 (1).jpgJust when I had made the decision to go to the Nagoya release event for the Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD, they made a second announcement to say that Shota would be joining in after all, at the Osaka event on August 21st, which is the only one he is available for. The other members attending that day are Kamisato Yuki, Takikawa Koudai, Tonoshiro Yuma and Aoki Jin. The only person in that list I’m vaguely interested in is Yuki, but I’m still changing my plans and applying for Osaka instead, because I would most definitely like a high touch from Shota. I barely remember the handshake I got during the musical (because I was so nervous about shaking hands with Akutsu Jin) and I wasn’t lucky enough to get a high touch from him at Dream Live. I will definitely do my best to remember everything this time if I hit for the event.

2. Asuma Kousuke Photobook


Busy with one stage play and has just recently announced his role in the Bleach musical, and just after I was talking about how dangerous this guy’s face is, he goes and announces a book full of it.

His photobook will be announced some time in the autumn (no dates yet) but they already released the lovely picture above as a preview. He also posted a really flaily video on his Twitter when the announcement appeared as well. Further details about the photobook and its release will be announced on a special Twitter made for it.

3. Seigaku vs Yamabuki DVD Release

3_1606052142215695.jpgOn Friday March 3rd, the DVD for Tenimyu’s Seigaku vs Yamabuki was finally released. I myself watched the whole DVD on Saturday and wrote a long review of it, but of course, the fans weren’t the only ones excited about getting their hands on the DVD. Many of the cast, including Mashiro, Miyagi, Ryoshiro, Shota and Kaiki all took to social media to post pictures of themselves with their own copies. The Tenimyu blog also got in on it, and have been posting various pictures of the cast with the DVDs too, my favourite being the one of Kazuki on the right who is seriously checking out the lyrics to their encore song Shakariki Fight Bunbun, it seems. If he’s trying to do quality control, it’s a little late.

4. Tenimo Certification

IMG_1306Tenimo put up a “test” on its site, all of the answers to which could be found in various areas of Tenimo including cast comments, blogs, pictures and various other things. The reward for getting 15/15 correct would be to enter a lottery to win various prizes.

Unfortunately, despite going through each one and hunting down the answer, I managed to make a mistake somewhere and ended up with 14/15. I feel somewhat accomplished that I did at least make the effort of trying to find them all, but I wish it had at least told me which question I had messed up on. It was kind of fun regardless though, especially because it made me listen to some of the cast radios that I hadn’t listened to previously. Not only that, we were given a lovely picture of Kazuki as Ryoma just for participating, so it wasn’t a complete failure.

5. Shota became the super-handsome king of birthday cakes

3_1606012324346727.jpgThis only just makes it in this week’s because Mashiro’s birthday was on June 1st, and this was posted just after I made my last entry, but it made me so happy that I couldn’t help but add it to this list.

The Tenimyu blog showed what happened when Shota took a trip to the rehearsals to surprise Mashiro (and Jin, whose birthday was a few days before) with a cake and presents. It’s nice to see that even though Shota isn’t in the cast any more, he’s still thinking of them on their birthdays. Mashiro looked so happy to see him too. I translated the entry and posted it on Tumblr. Shota also posted pictures with the guys on his Twitter too.

6. Zaiki Takuma has a girlfriend?

I wasn’t going to include this because I don’t really buy into these kinds of scandals, but it contrasted so much with the next item on my list (which happened almost exactly the same time) that I couldn’t resist. Upon hearing the news my first thought was “it’s got to be Kenya, right?” followed by “of course he has a girlfriend, he’s The Zaiki Takuma”. Apparently there was quite a lot of backlash from some Japanese fans, but honestly I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who get mad that their idols have a life outside of work.I just feel bad for Zaiki himself since I’m sure he’s aware that all of this is going on. I hope for his sake it all blows over and doesn’t effect him too badly.

7. Naoya and Ryoshiro are too pure to be real


So while the rest of Twitter was kicking off about The Zaiki Takuma and his girlfriend, Kitagawa Naoya and Tsuji Ryoshiro were being 100% innocent and oblivious and playing janken together with smiles on their faces so pure it almost made me question whether they were real people. Unfortunately I can’t embed  videos into my blog, but you can find the video at Ryoshiro’s Twitter or alternatively, on his blog. I also ripped the video from Twitter and posted it on Tumblr, just in case you wanted to share the pureness and give the smiles to everyone.

8. Shun’s surprise meeting with a piece of udon


Look at me, answering requests. Well, when I was talking about maybe having to resort to talking about Yugo’s potato, the above tweet came in reply, so let’s talk about Shun’s surprise meeting with a piece of udon. The story is that Shun was in a restaurant happily ready to tuck into his pile of soba noodles, when he noticed something amiss.


Yep, amongst Shun’s pile of soba noodles was what Shun himself described as a “pure white presence”, a piece of udon that had decided to hide in there. Don’t worry though, Shun seemed very pleased with this surprise meeting and even described it as killing two birds with one stone. Always such a positive guy.

9. BOYS AND MEN’s Nana-chan takeover

CkV_u5eVAAEMCbx.jpgNana-chan is a large statue that stands outside Nagoya’s Meitetsu Station. She is known to everyone who lives in the area and is used for advertising. She is dressed up and used to advertise stores, promotions, movies, and yesterday pictures started appearing on Twitter of her newest use, advertising BOYS AND MEN’s new album Cheer Up.

I was surprised that they managed to get the chance to use it to advertise, but really, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. They’re basically as big a part of Nagoya as Nana-chan herself is.The picture is not mine, by the way. I won’t have time to pass by and take my own until tomorrow, but this blog needed to be posted today (I’ll post my own pictures separately when I have chance). The picture came from this tweet by Kintetsu Passe’s Tower Records store.

10. How to be a fangirl with manners

This week has been really bad for things suddenly blowing up in fandom and a couple of days ago the topic of fan manner’s popped up all over the place. The main issue was surrounding people replying to actors tweets with inappropriate things. Actually, when I heard about this I took a look at some comments on tweets from a certain actor who was getting it particularly badly, and I came to the conclusion that some people just have no common sense. Personally, I don’t understand those kinds of comments in any fandom, but when they’re being directed at real people who can read what is being said, it suddenly becomes really creepy. If you’re not sure what all of this is about, there is a post on Tumblr that numberous people have contributed to, stating what is and what isn’t appropriate. There is also going to be a couple of other posts made about what to do right, one of which I’m actually going to write myself within the next couple of days.

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