A trip to the BOYS AND MEN Cafe

After picking up my Yamabuki DVD from Animate this morning, me and Tina went to hang out at the BOYS AND MEN Cafe for a little while before work. They had announced a couple of days ago that they had finally made a new version of the coasters you get free with your drink, so we wanted to go and try them out.

When we arrived the cafe wasn’t quite open yet, so we took a look around the shop first. Apparently they have a new penlight because they had to take out the orange. This one is called “super” whereas the last one was called “hyper” which I feel is a downgrade, but whatever makes them happy.

They also changed one of their wall displays again, and the boys wrote on a “frog” theme this time. The ones on the left are BOYS AND MEN’s, and the ones on the right are the Kenkyusei’s.

Tamura’s is a complete mess as expected from him (his is the 4th from the left on the top row of the BoyMen ones), and he clearly misjudged how much space his word was going to take and had to squeeze that て in the bottom. Everyone else seemed to manage it pretty successfully. Honda’s (middle bottom on the left picture) is flawless as is expected of him. Jukiya’s (the top second in the Kenkyusei picture) is pretty adorable, although he didn’t go quite as crazy with the musical notes as KomeKome did. Seiru’s frog has no eyes?

And Taka’s frog… I couldn’t resist taking a closer picture of that one.


This seems like just the kind of thing that Taka would draw, but I think it might give me nightmares. It’s like some weird human-frog creature and that should never be a thing.

They also have these big boards up now of each of the three groups. Poor BOYS AND MEN Tokyo are missing though, unfortunately, but everyone else has a place. It’s still weird to see Makoto as only five members. I wonder how long it will take to get used to it? It’s been almost 6 months already.

Once the cafe was open, we headed down there for a drink. I chose my usual ice cocoa, and…


I was unlucky. Tsuji is pretty far down my ranking. Sorry dude. I didn’t feel like trying to find anyone in the cafe to try and trade with though, especially since it wasn’t particularly busy in there. There’s always next time (or I’ll just keep him with the pile of other rejects I have).

After that, I was craving something savoury so I tried the onion gratin soup, which came with this giant piece of bread stuck out of it, which makes it really hard to eat. But it tasted really good once I actually managed to navigate it without spilling it everywhere. As for the coaster…


Unlucky two times in a row. Masato is also not particularly high up my ranking. I guess today just wasn’t my lucky day (last time I was there I actually got Honda’s… it was the old version and I had three already, but even so…). At least the soup tasted good.

It’s nice to do BoyMen things once in a while.

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