A year with Gingadan


On February 25th 2017, I took a day trip to Tokyo to go to Bancho Boys 1st Live. I had spontaneously joined the fanclub and bought a ticket due to falling in love with Yasui Kazuma, but had decided it would be worth the trip since I was also familiar with Nozaki Yutaka and Akira from Ensemble Stars on Stage and Futaba Kaname and Yashiro Takuya from Tenimyu. I had no idea that I was going to be introduced to five wonderful boys who would shape the rest of my 2017.

The lights went down for the live to start, and five people took to the stage to perform the opening song. Those five people were Yashiro Takuya (an official Bancho Boys members) and Sawada Yu, Chikahisa Taisei, Kihara Rui and Oribe Yoshinari (Bancho Boys trainees). They performed Hello Again, and with their song finished they gathered in the middle of the stage to make an announcement. The announcement was that the five of them were going to be forming a dance & vocal group. With a scroll in his hand, Taisei (who we later found out had been the one to think of the group’s name) revealed their name would be Gingadan, or “Galaxy Cluster” in English. With that, their performance, and time on stage, was over.

Whenever I think back on that day and that performance, the thing that remains in my head is Chikahisa Taisei. That day, he had this purely genuine happiness and smile on his face that we rarely see because generally he’s trying to act cool. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and when I left the venue that day it was him that I wrote about on Twitter. Despite this, in the end, he didn’t become my favourite member, but thanks to this day he forever holds a special place in my heart.

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Gingadan 1st one-man Live


I’m going to try not to talk too much about how much I truly love this group, because it’s coming up to their year anniversary (and therefore mine) and I’m planning a long post for that. So all I will say is that this was a very special day for me, and for them also. When they first announced they were going to do their own live, even they said they had been a little worried about it, and so were the fans. Knowing the turnout for their release events hadn’t been huge, we all wondered if it would work out for them. The good news is, it did. The venue wasn’t huge but the number of people who came to support them was pretty great. They also had friends, family, and even a few Bancho Boys members come to watch and support them, and I’m sure that made them feel really happy. It made me feel happy too, and I’m so proud of what they’ve managed to achieve with it. But like I said, I’m not going to go too much into how much I love them right now, so let’s move onto the live…

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Looking back on a former favourite group

I’m not really that sure on why I’m posting this, but I wrote it, so I might as well.

I was thinking today that it was about time I wrote another blog entry to keep on track with my 8 a month, but somehow this wasn’t what I was expecting to talk about. I went on Youtube today to watch Gingadan’s PV, and I used a “mix” link because it was easier than searching for the song, and I could see it was the first one. What I didn’t expect was that the song that was played was a song by a now disbanded group who I followed and loved before I came to Japan and my first few years in Japan. It was hard to even watch.  Somehow while I was writing this I didn’t name the group or its members at all, so I’m going to keep it that way. If you’ve known me a while you might know who I refer to, or you might just know who they are in general, but their name will not appear here.

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Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium


On my last day of winter vacation and after barely leaving my apartment for three days, I decided to take a visit to the Nagoya Aquarium and make the most of my final day of freedom. Nagoya and Aichi in general has some pretty fun and interesting places, and the aquarium happens to be my favourite because (at risk of sounding like a certain character from Ensemble Stars), I like fish. Also, it’s a great place to go in the winter when it’s cold because the majority of it is inside.

I was there from the opening at 9.30 until around 2.45. I honestly could have stayed longer and taken another look around, but I was hungry and it was so busy that the food court was full, so I left to go and get lunch. In the time I was there though I managed to see most things including catching a few of the days events. I highly recommend this place as a day out if you come to Nagoya.

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Top 10 Touken Danshi

This was actually really hard to put together. Even with 10 swords in mind, actually ranking them took me a long time. I imagine if I actually played the game, it would have taken me even longer, so I’m glad that I don’t so at least I’m a little limited in who I can choose. That’s right, I don’t play the game. I’m basically a fan through the musicals and stages, so all of these boys have featured in one or the other (aside from one exception who will be featuring later in 2018) and I’m probably definitely biased by the performances the actors did of them. Don’t judge me! Because of this, the list is liable to change in the future, since new swords are appearing all the time. Honestly, even after looking at this list for so long I’m still a little unsure of the order, but I guess it doesn’t really matter so long as there are 10 in there.

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